Yoga Prose Poetry Stories


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A 65 minute session of flowing Yoga practice which combines Asana with Rhythmical breathing patterns and deep relaxation to influence the dynamics of the major body energy flows – prana and apana. The practice aims to bring about an alignment in the Pancha Kosha – the 5 ‘sheaths’ or dimensions to our being.

Track 1 – The Eight Limbs of Patanjali.
Track 2 – Karma.
Track 3 – Prana.
Track 4 – The Phantom.
Track 5 – The Gods are Never Late.
Track 6 – The Four Noble Truths (or, was Shakespeare ultimately a Buddhist).
Track 7 – The Witness Based on Walter de la Mare’s ‘The Listeners’.
Track 8 – Enlightenment with a Twist! A short story.