Pranayama in Prespective – Foundational Training


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An 8 week course of daily practice (physical and subtle) in the developmental process of Basic Breathing/Pranayama. Laying the foundations upon which the meaningful, progressive and profound practice of Pranayama can be built.

Track 1 – Weeks 1/2 – Sectional Breathing and the Mahat Yoga Pranayama.
Track 2 – Weeks 3/4 – The Mahat Yoga Pranayama with Mudra and Mantra.
Track 3-  Weeks 5/6 РFurther subtleties with Shunya Mudra and Lobular Breathing.
Track 4 – Weeks 7/8 – Balanced breathing with the Sukha Purvakha Pranayama.
Track 5 – Weeks 1/2 – Asana and Movement sequences relating to the breath.
Track 6 РWeeks  3 Р8 РFurther Asana and Movement sequences.

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