Philip is available to teach on any aspect of Pranayama. Please contact him direct to discuss any particular request concerning content. All of the Courses listed below contain integrated Asana and relaxation practices.

Training Courses

Six Month Foundation Course

This Course consists of four intensive practice days and is a more ‘condensed’ version of the One Year Course.

One Year Foundation Course

The one year Pranayama Foundation Course consists of six intensive practice days combined with a structured, developmental home practice schedule that takes the student through five distinct phases of the practice – Foundations, Developmental, Alignment, Purification and Classical

Two Day Training Course

This Course is a definitive study of the practices leading up to, and including the Mahat Yoga Pranayama (MYP). The training will explore the MYP from many different perspectives expanding on the Foundations of Pranayama (1 Day Seminar) by introducing extra practices and taking some of practices to a deeper level, especially relating to sectional breathing and the healing dimension. The Course will be an exploration from both a Self Development and a Teaching level and will also give you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of beginning Pranayama.

One Day Workshops

Pranayama in Perspective

This course will provide a “birds eye” view and experience through lecture and practice of the five phases – Foundations, Developmental, Alignment, Purification and Classical. It will include an explanation of the particular phase, an understanding of its physical and energetic aims followed by a practical application of one or more practices taken from that phase.

Foundations of Pranayama

This course is an in-depth practical and theoretical exploration of the Mahat Yoga Pranayama (MYP) – The Grand Yoga Breath – on three levels – physical, subtle and healing. The seminar will also include deep relaxation pratices that relate to sectional breathing and release of tension in the solar plexus.

One Day Workshops & Extended Versions That Run As 2 Days & Residential

Classical Pranayama

This course explores the various levels of pratice and attainment of Nadi Shodanah. It is followed by an exploration of some of the khumbhakas in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. These will include Bhastrika, Surya Bhedana and Ujayi. The residential also explores the other Classical Pranayamas and looks at ways of combining different Pranayamas to form complementary practices.

Pranayama: The Healing Dimension

This Course will explore various ways of channelling the inherent power of Pranayama towards self-healing. It will include: Directional Healing; Rhythmical Breathing; various ‘power’ breaths based around Bhastrika Pranayama; specific practices for the Nervous System and various Pranayama Kriyas that aim to release deep seated tension.

Pranayama and the Chakras

This Course will explore Pranayama practices that can be used to connect with and influence Chakra energies. This will be approached from four directions: practices based around the Pranava AUM; Chakra Pranayamas, meditations and grounding practices; Pranayama Kriyas; Classical Pranayamas.

Teaching Pranayama: How to Introduce, Maintain and Develop a Pranayama practice in the Class situation.

This Course will explore thoroughly the beginnings of Basic Breathing/Pranayama from a teaching perspective. It will focus especially on the first year of a student’s practice giving a logical, sequential and progressive structure that can be integrated into the general class situation. An overall plan for years two and three will also be given and the main practices undertaken.

Physical | Emotional | Energetic | Mental | Spiritual

Physical | Emotional | Energetic | Mental | Spiritual

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Pranayama is initially the process whereby this immense energy is accessed directly by the systematic application of structured breathing practices. Continuing Pranayama practice then utilises this connection with the primary cosmic force to profoundly influence the individual on all levels - physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual.