The Pulse Of Life Novel


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The story revolves around the discovery of a hitherto unknown energy Рthe pulse. For millennia it has held back the darker side of our natures from becoming dominant and so forcing mankind into  violent downward spiral which could lead towards its ultimate destruction.

That balance is now in jeopardy.

Bryan is a man possessed. A vision of a mysterious being he calls “his Angel” saves his life and gives him the sense of a mission. What that mission is, he does not know, but he does know that he will need to assemble a group of 7 in order to begin. Gordon is a powerful individual steeped in all things esoteric. Along with the fiends they unwittingly step over the line, which ultimately facilitates the emergence of that ‘darker side’. The Metropolitan Police Force are overwhelmed, as dark forces are released and chaos ensues on the streets of Central London. The authorities reluctantly have to call upon Inspector Jones and his colleague, who run a mysterious department concerned with ‘unexplained phenomena’, situated in the basement of Scotland Yard.

As the pulse weakens, so the darkness begins to grow. Gateways are opened into our world, and previously unseen energies begin to take form. The chaos worsens and is in danger of spreading.

The human race is on the verge of a monumental downward shift.