Seek And You Will Not Find Novel


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A Story of Friendship, Love, Romance, Tragedy and Redemption on the rocky road towards Enlightenment.

The story concerns one man’s quest in the Himalayas searching for ‘enlightenment’, which explores life’s experiences that led him there, the souls he met on the way, and ends with a strange twist!

Robert, a Yoga teacher, in his late 60’s, has been seeking a spiritual path most of his life. Having gone through romance, tragedy, loss, and eventual burn out, he finds himself drawn to a trackless forest in the Himalayas. He takes a fall, and is badly injured, with little hope of being found. Was he drawn there? Or, is it just another fruitless quest? Robert is about to find out.

Jai, 28, has lived with his Swami for most of his life. His spiritual path is set, but, deep inside worldly yearnings are beginning to surface. Memories of his parents, and of his childhood friendships, are beginning to disrupt his disciplined life and normally focused mind. Can he overcome these feelings and eventually fulfill his destiny of becoming the Swami?

Robert and Jai find themselves travelling along paths they never intended, meeting challenges that were unexpected, and coming face to face with buried memories and emotions, and with the enduring power of love.