Diary 2017 – 2018

Pranayama Foundation Courses
6 Days spread over approximately One Year

London, Victoria 2018
2018: January 20th, February 17th, April 14th, May 12th, July 16th and July 21st
Contact Philip: pax_yoga@yahoo.com

Teaching Pranayama

February 3rd and 4th 2018
Contact Philip: pax_yoga@yahoo.com

Yoga and Walking in the Lake District

March 11th – 16th 2018
Main tutors: Philip Xerri + others T.B.A.
Yoga and related sessions throughout the day.
Two guided walks daily.
Contact: janecluley@tiscali.co.uk

Pranayama 2 Day Training

Letchworth – May 5th and 6th
Contact: helenasimply@hotmail.com

Cambridge – July 7th and 8th
Contact: Camyoga

Pranayama Days

Pranayma: The Power to Heal with Philip

June 23rd 2018 Near Hrrogate
Contact Marilyn Dean: marilyn@gentleyogayorkshire.co.uk

October 20th 2018 Light Centre, Victoria
Contact Philip: pax_yoga@yahoo.com

November 3rd 2018 Lichfield, Staffs
Contact Philip: pax_yoga@yahoo.com

October 13th 2018 Lichfield, Staffs Hearts and Pranayama with Kate and Philip Xerri
Exploring the structure and functions of the heart and its vulnerability to various stresses via lecture and power point presentations with Kate. Exploring ways of therapeutically working on heart function with basic breathing techniques, simple Pranayama practices and Relaxation with Philip.
Contact Philip: pax_yoga@yahoo.com

Newcastle September 29th 2018 – Pranayama in Perspective
Extra Day Added October 27th 2018
Contact David: hello@yoganewcastle.co.uk
The Day will also serve as an introduction to the Pranayama Foundation Course which will begin in Newcastle on the 2nd March 2019. Full details at www.yoganewcastle.co.uk.

Physical | Emotional | Energetic | Mental | Spiritual

Physical | Emotional | Energetic | Mental | Spiritual

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Philip Xerri

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Pranayama is initially the process whereby this immense energy is accessed directly by the systematic application of structured breathing practices. Continuing Pranayama practice then utilises this connection with the primary cosmic force to profoundly influence the individual on all levels - physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual.