Yoga Quests


2016 - 2017

Pranayama Foundation Courses:
6 Days spread over approximately One Year.

Rugby 2016/17

2016  October 22,  November 26   2017  January 7, February 18, April 1, May 20


Sheffield  2017

January 14, February 11, March 11, April 22, June 10, July 15

Contact  Chris Noon

London, Victoria 2017

23 September, 28 October, December 9   2018 January 20, March 3, April 14.

Contact Philip

12th November 2016
Teaching Pranayama
Contact: Camyoga

3rd December 2016
Teaching Pranayama
Near Cheddar (IST for the BWY)

20th - 22nd Residential weekend
Yoga, Pranayama, Poetry, Prose and Stories

A new and exciting type of Course!
Do you have a poem, short story etc. you have written and would like to ‘perform’ or see performed?
Do you have a favourite Poem, Story etc. that you would like to share?
Open to partners/friends etc not wanting to do the Yoga, but who may, or may not, wish to join in with the performances!
No pressure to share – you can simply come along, sit back, and enjoy the weekend.
LICHFIELD is a wonderful place to explore and our 3 star hotel, The George, is situated right in the centre.


12th - 17th - Yoga and Walking in the Lake District

Main tutors: Billy Doyle, Lesley Dike, Shakti Bhakti and Jayadhara.

Yoga and related sessions throughout the day.

Two guided walks daily.

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Pranayama Post Graduate Days:

4th March, 8th. and 29th. April.  2017.  Contact Philip

Open automatically to all Pranayama Foundation Course students and to students who have worked with me in the past by prior interview.
Contact: Philip

Letchworth - 13/14 May Pranayama 2 Day Training

Cambridge - 8/9 Jul Pranayama 2 Day Training
Contact: Camyoga

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