Yoga Quests

Philip Xerri

Philip Xerri was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1948. He was an accomplished athlete and rugby player in his youth. He became a ‘wanderer’ in his 20’s and then aged 28 walked into a yoga class run by Philip Jones in Cardiff. This was a major turning point. Since this time Philip Xerri has continually practiced and taught yoga and pranayama throughout the UK and Europe.

Philip studied yoga and pranayama with Dr. Swami Gitananda in India 1980/1981, graduated with an Honours degree in Comparative Religion 1984 and a Post Graduate Certficate of Education in Religious Studies 1985. Philip Xerri has experienced many different schools of yoga, qualified in Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Touch for Health. Philip Xerri has run Yoga Quests for the last 25 years.

The main focus of Philip’s yoga practice has always been pranayama culminating in the formulation of the one year Pranayama Foundation Course in 2000. The Pranayama Foundation Course encapsulates Philip’s two fold approach to the practice of pranayama - structured, progressive, developmental, logical but also holding firmly onto the power and spirtual poignancy of the practice.